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Text 9 Feb Some Musings on Valentines Day

Perhaps my most disliked “holiday” is fast approaching, and what is probably of no surprise to most is that I have a great disdain for St Valentines day.

Now I admit that being single (basically) for nearly 36 years, and only ever feeling that (unrequited) attraction to a few, may taint my opinions on this festival that is becoming increasingly it seems more about empty gestures and meaningless monologues of undying affection than true love.

This is perhaps because I do hold, perhaps foolishly because of my above mentioned romantic unlife, that if you have that special someone in your life there is no need for this day as every day we should strive to show and reaffirm the love for whom we call beloved.

Love, it seems, is something that once tasted creates a deep thirst that is quenched not in just the receiving from the other, but more so in its giving. The outpouring of love instead of draining refills and revives the soul.

Not of course to say loving is not hard work at tine, for like so much in life, nothing that is of worth comes easily or without work.

But anyway I digress, this forthcoming day to me has lost its meaning, like so many, yes use it as a moment to be romantic, to give yourselves over to extravagant outpourings of affection, but just don’t ever make it the only day.

For those of us who find ourselves alone, or is great distain for the day, what for us? May I suggest that perhaps we can see past the kitch, see past the hearts and roses, and romantic meals, and focus on that word love. Perhaps it should become a day for love, not just romance, but love for all humanity, a day where we take time to show love to our fellows.

A day of love, for all who we share our lives with, not just our beloved ones.

But perhaps these are the just musings of a man who really should be asleep at 2am and not contemplating a day that is still days away…?

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